3 Easy Solutions to the Rise of Minors Ingesting Cannabis: A Call for Responsible Cannabis Use


While the legalization of marijuana, by the passing of Proposition 64 in November of 2016, has been a great step forward for Americans, the ease of access and common use has presented some problems in California. The LA Times reports that there has been a significant rise in reports of cannabis ingestion in minors. Because cannabis is being processed into edible forms, many young children stumble across their parents stash and don't know the effects that these candies, brownies, and cookies will have. Once removed from packaging, there are no tell tale signs that a treat could be cannabis infused. Older youth may go looking for it and ingest too much, not being aware of the full effects that ingesting cannabis can have. While California has seen the greatest uptick in these cases, other states that have legalized marijuana have seen similar trends. 

At this year's pace, California could double these incidents from 2015.

At this year's pace, California could double these incidents from 2015.


Now luckily, cannabis ingestion does not have lethal effects. However, kids and cannabis do not make for a great combination. Aside from it being illegal for those under 21 to purchase and use cannabis recreationally, scientific studies have shown that cannabis use at an early age can cause developmental issues as well as impaired performance at school. 

There are 3 steps that any concerned parent can take to reverse these trends and help promote responsible cannabis use for future generations.

1. Educate Children

For the past century, the demonization and criminalization of cannabis use has been a pervasive tactic used to keep people ill-informed about the realities of marijuana. These disinformation campaigns have been used on subjects such as sexual education and are proven not to work. The best way to advocate for responsible cannabis use is to have an honest and open discussion about marijuana with your children. Talk to them about the effects and safe ways that adults enjoy cannabis, along with some of the dangers that irresponsible use can have. By leveling with children in an honest and open way, and not using the scare tactics that have been common in media, parents are more likely to get the message that they want to communicate through to their children.

2. Use Cannabis Responsibly

Do not ingest cannabis edibles or smoke cannabis irresponsibly in front of your children. This creates a precedent that children are likely to mirror. How you consume cannabis within your household and family is a personal choice, but parents should be modeling responsible behavior, no matter the issue. Cannabis use is no different. If young children see parents eating colorful gummys, then they will want to do the same. Make sure that you audit your behavior and recognize when you may be ingesting/smoking cannabis in an irresponsible way. Understand the risks of second hand smoke and only engage in behavior that you are comfortable with your kid modeling.

3. Secure Your Stash

In order to enjoy cannabis responsibly, you need to know that you stash is secure. This is why we created the Canniloq line of products. We wanted to give parents a peace of mind when they leave the house and know that their children cannot easily access their stash. Our products were engineered with responsible cannabis use in mind and are designed for discreet, safe, and responsible cannabis use. Learn more about our locking stash containers here



Henry Burgess-Marshall