Responsible Cannabis Use: It Begins With Us


The entire Canniloq product line was created to promote responsible use of cannabis. 

The locking cap was engineered so that little ones could not have easy access to your stash and protects from unwanted odors when out in public. The durable body was mindfully engineered using aircraft grade aluminum to protect the shatter that comes from glass jars, while also providing consumers with a reusable container that will last them a lifetime.  

We put careful thought and consideration into every aspect of our product's design to ensure that our customers could consume cannabis safely and responsibly.

Even with all of this in mind, we did not feel that this was enough. So we took it a step further.

We realized that responsible cannabis use includes the responsibility and accountability for those who did not [and still do not] enjoy the luxury of the legalization movements. For the last century, cannabis has been used as a weapon, primarily against people of color. The New Jim Crow, written by Michelle Alexander, highlights this injustice perfectly. 

Image from the National Cannabis Industry Association

Image from the National Cannabis Industry Association

While some states, like Colorado, Washington, and California have gone ahead and legalized cannabis, 40 states have not. And even those who have legalized have not granted clemency or early releases for those who were punished for doing what is now widespread.

This isn't right.

And this is why responsible cannabis use starts with us.

We are donating 10% of our profits to the ACLU and to help right these wrongs. But that is just the beginning. Our mission is bigger than that. We feel that all of us in the cannabis industry have a responsibility to those who came before us. We are responsible to help create an infrastructure that supports them and allows for them to reenter society. It is our goal, with your help, to hire these "offenders."

With your support, we can hire people to assemble all of our products. 

We want to do more than donate. We want to create an economy that helps those who paved the way for the legalization movements and made grave sacrifices along the way. But we can only do this with your help.

Garrett Hopper